Girls Innovation Boot Camp

To celebrate Girls in ICT Day 2017, 60 female participants from all over Bangladesh who are passionate about programming and already have built up their mind to set their career in ICT will be invited for this intensive learning opportunity titled 'Girls Innovation Boot Camp to be held on 27th April, 2017 in Dhaka. This will be a hands-on workshop focusing on ‘Concept to Product’ innovation. Using the Design Thinking Model, the facilitator will be helping the participants to design a strategy for their Idea to be transformed into a Viable Product with minimum addressable market.

The workshop is considered as the ‘Initiation of a long term support’ for the participants. After the workshop done, the facilitator will select efficient participants who will be working with their Idea and Product in total 4 teams throughout a year.

There will be other intensive learning sessions, workshops, one-to-one interaction within the time that will help to transform the participants’ idea into a Real & Market ready viable product.




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